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Gary Historical & Cultural Society, Inc.
P.O. Box M-603
Gary, Indiana 46401
United States

The Gary (Indiana) Historical & Cultural Society, Inc.

The Gary Historical & Cultural Society, Inc. (or GHCS) was founded in 1976 - our country's bicentennial year. Our mission is to "uplift and enrich the Gary, Indiana and surrounding communities by preserving, developing and sponsoring cultural, historical & educational programs for citizens of all ages." GHCS was a catalyst behind the preservation and national historic landmark status of Gary's first building - The Gary Land Company Building (built in 1906 and pictured below). GHCS preserved and re-dedicated this building in 1984, and presently maintains it as an historical museum and visitor's bureau for school tour groups and visitors to our City of Gary. GHCS also owns a building on Gary's west side, which houses rehearsal space for our Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra and our Gary Community Youth Orchestra. This building also houses the "GHCS Summer Enrichment Program for Arts, Culture and Learning" for ages 6-14. The building also contains a community room for use by other groups. Call (219) 882-6873 to arrange a "Gary History" tour or to receive further information about our many programs and services.

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